Super Chewable Bones by Petqwerks

I have purchased a few bones for my MEGA chewer Kai. She is a German Shepherd and at 9 months she is a destroyer of all the things she can get her mouth on.  

To get her to stop chewing everything she shouldn’t we decided we would invest in some chew toys and bones for her. The company we bought from is Petqwerks (@petqwerks on instagram). 

Kai’s favorite was the Flavorit Breath Nylon Mint Bone. She couldn’t stop chewing it. We added some peanut butter onto it as well to make it more appealing. She was in heaven with it. It was her favorite new chew toy. It’s super strong and durable. We definitely plan to buy more as she is still teething. 

The other item we got was one of their  Antler Nylon Chew Dog Toy. I think t was chicken flavor but regardless she was loving it. We gave it to her the next day and she clung to it. Definitely helped her not chew up our furniture and out blankets. It was a great investment and fantastic to redirect her to chew the antler instead of the coffee table. 

Later on day 2 and throughout the rest of the week she just kept both her chews from Petqwerks with her. 

I would rate the 5 out of 5! 


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